Chris Brown: I battle with my demons every day


Chris Brown has exposed his vulnerable side yet again.

The R&B legend took to Instagram this week to advise a struggling fan who has similar woes to his – suicidal thoughts.




After one of his followers expressed her suicidal ideation in an attempt to get some hope from Chris, the singer responded by giving advice and revealing that he too “struggles with his demons”.

The Loyal hit-maker revealed that he had “been there mentally” and has felt “empty and alone”.

Chris further explained: “I battle with myself and my demons every day! Trust. Rich/ poor doesn’t matter! Self-doubt and public opinion clouds our thoughts.”

Chris said he never responds to direct messages but explained why he chose to respond to the particular user.

“I figured I could help. I see so many fans in meet in greets with cut marks, disabilities etc. And they tell me how my music has saved their lives. This is the real [expletive] reason I will never stop making music and being me,” he wrote.

Brown urged the fan to be patient and work tirelessly toward positivity as change is gradual.

“You never know what people go through and feel. But the pain our world is going through every day has no super heroes. So, one day at a time, the little things or big things we do positively can ‘save’ the world. Change isn’t instant. You might even take a step forward then three steps back. As long as light (Unconditional love) is still in you we have the free will to prosper!”



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