Chris Brown ‘disappoints’ Rihanna once again


Rihanna is really upset with Chris Brown after he allegedly threatened Drake with gang violence on social media, says Hollywood Life.

A source who spoke to the outlet said: “She (Rihanna) is disappointed Chris is still affiliated with those people, and (she) can’t believe he’s throwing up gang signs for the world to see.”

“She would have hoped that Royalty has humbled him and taught him that he has bigger responsibilities and priorities that are more important than trying to be a gang banger. This has nothing to do with Drake,” the source pointed out.

“She’s cool on Drake and is not sticking up for him or coming to his rescue. That’s Taylor‘s [Swift] job. She’s just more disappointed in Chris.”

Drake, 30, is reportedly scared.

He isn’t taking Chris’ threats lightly and members of his crew have reportedly stepped up his security detail and taking extra precautions to keep Drake safe.

“Chris is known to pop off on people at the drop of a dime and surrounds himself with people from the wrong side of the tracks. Drake‘s going to be taking extra precautions when he’s in LA. He doesn’t know what Chris is capable of and doesn’t want Chris or one of his friends trying to run up on him.”

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