Chipukeezy: It’s over between my fiancée and I


Turbulence has rocked comedian Chipukeezy’s 3-year relationship, leading to him splitting from his fiancée Vivian Mandera, popularly known in social media circles as Empress Kerry.

Chipukeezy, 27, and Ms Mandera, 25, got engaged on January 6, 2016 in an event attended by close friends and family.

“On January 6, 2016, I proposed to my kababy at my Buruburu home in Phase 5. Close friends and few of my fiancée’s relations witnessed the ceremony. She was turning 23, and I wanted to make her big day memorable. Mimi ni ule msee mnoma!” the comedian posted on social media at the time.

Chipukeezy, in a previous interview with EDAILY – just after proposing to Ms Manera –, said he was ripe for marriage and was excited with the challenge which lay ahead of him.

“I have decided to settle down. In life, one has just to do the right thing in order to get everything right; I want to do what every other successful man does. I don’t want to wait in order to marry. There’s no more time. If not today, then it must be today,” he confidently said.

But cracks in the relationship began to show in October, 2017, when the frequency at which Ms Mandera used to post Chipukeezy’s pictures on her social media pages reduced.

Ms Mandera recently deleted all the comedian’s pictures from her social media accounts, leaving online users speculating that their 3-year love journey had come to a crashing halt.

And true to the speculations, Chipukeezy, whose real name is Vincent Muasya, has come out to confirm his break up from Ms Mandera, who served as his manager.

“It’s true Vivian and I have gone separate ways. What we had planned to pursue together was not in harmony. We, therefore, decided to amicably terminate the relationship. People, as expected, would speculate, but I wish Vivian nothing but the best! She is free to hook up with a new man, who will love her genuinely,” said Chipukeezy.

“Moving forward, I would prefer my private life remains guarded from the public as much as possible. Nonetheless, I do not harbor any regrets,” he added.

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