Chipukeezy: How “asking Sonko for permission to date his daughter” landed me a job


Renowned Kenyan comedian Vincent Mwasia, popularly known as Chipukeezy, says the joke he made about Nairobi Senator Sonko’s daughter on August, 2013 on Churchill Show landed him a job.

The comic, who took to stage when the show’s guest Mike Sonko had already been interviewed by Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki, said he would be delighted to date Saumu Mbuvi – who had accompanied her father to the show – so that he could “feast” on Sonko’s money.

This joke did not auger well with the Nairobi Senator who on September, 2013 phoned Kiss 100 FM’s morning show where Chipukeezy was newly hired and derisively told off the comedian.

The good thing is that the Tala-born artist had already secured employment.

“The joke of asking Sonko for permission to date his daughter gave me a job. First of all, guys should stop saying that there’s a thing between Sonko’s daughter and I. You know me and that lady we are two different people and I will explain why. Saumu can enter any office in Nairobi once she says her surname. On the other side, my dad uses my name to drink beer in bars,” Chipukeezy told Citizen Television’s Lillian Muli Friday night.

“But when I was on Churchill Show, Sonko had come to be interviewed by Churchill and it was a long interview. I was the next comedian who was coming on stage. The only thing that I could have done to make sure I capture the attention of the audience was to talk about Sonko,” recounted Chipukeezy.

“So I saw the girl (Saumu). It happened that Caroline Mutoko (morning show host on Kiss FM then) was watching the show. She later called me. She said: ‘I want you to host alongside me on my show.’ And that is how I got a job on radio,” revealed Chipukeezy.

By then, Chipukeezy was living in Mathare.

He used to go to Carnivore on Tuesdays hoping to meet Churchill so that he (Chipukeezy) could impress and kick of his comedy.

“I went to a school he (Churchill) had earlier visited – based on an episode of his show I had watched – and enquired where the live recording of Churchill Show takes place. I was told it is done at Carnivore on Thursdays.”

“I went to Carnivore and asked if I could meet Churchill. The security told me that he comes at Carnivore on Tuesdays. I waited for him one Tuesday at the parking. When he finally came, I told him: ‘Hi, I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a good job,’” recalled Chipukeezy.

“He did not snub me. He doesn’t behave like those celebs that are full of themselves. He asked me to go and audition. I attempted, but was snubbed severally by the director before being taken in.”

Does he have any advice for aspiring comedians?

“The first thing that you need as an artist is God. Two: you are as good as your last show. So one must really prepare – the moment you get off stage, you should prepare for the next performance. For you to do a five-minute show, you need to prepare for more than a day. You have to observe, write jokes down and rehearse them so that you can perfect in the art.”

Watch Chipukeezy’s interview with Lillian Muli below.


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