Chimano breathes fire after his nail polish picture sparks harsh comments

Chimano, a member of top boy band Sauti Sol, could not stomach negative comments made against him by online users after he recently posted a picture to his Instagram page showing him wearing black nail polish.

A section of the Instagram users questioned Chimano’s masculinity.

An online user, Omarion, said Kenya, unlike the US, was not ready for the culture portrayed by Chimano.

The musician responding to Omarion, said: “How much did you buy the country for? Which store? I’d like to buy my own country and speak for everyone.”

Another user, Alex Mathenge, expressed disgust at the picture, commenting with one word: “yuck”.

Chimano responded to Mathenge, saying: “Your lunch must be terrible.”

Konga Chesaro questioned Chimano’s sexual orientation.

Chimano told him off, saying: “[Homosexual] would be a better name than what you have as your Instagram handle (@kongachesaro).”


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