Chiki Kuruka: I would surely go for a breast lift surgery


Fitness expert Chiki Onwukwe of Chiki Kuruka Fitness has revealed that she won’t mind undergoing a plastic surgery to enhance her looks when she grows older.

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Speaking on Citizen Television’s Power Breakfast show on Friday, May 19, Chiki said her family genes “would allow her to undergo a breast lift surgery”.

On the panel, moderated by Joey Muthengi, were Chiki Onwukwe, radio host Massawe Japani and Christine Mwangi, who tackled a myriad issues relating to women, including women’s fears such as aging.

Mrs Japani said she would not undergo plastic surgery, whatsoever, to maintain a youthful look; instead she says she appreciates “aging gracefully”.

Ms Mwangi, on the other hand, said she would not mind lifting certain parts of her body that would have “gravitated”.

Chiki’s response, however, was pronounced; plunging the panel into a moment of thought before they embarked on the topic. She said she would perform a breast surgery to counter the forces of aging.

“I would consider plastic surgery when I get older. I know for a fact that what I would want is a boob lift. A boob lift is something I would have without a shadow of a doubt. I have seen the genes that run in my family and it worked,” she said.

Massawe Japani would then put Chiki to task to explain why she encourages people to exercise regularly so as to keep looking fresh and young, yet she (Chiki), on national television, would pronounce her approval of artificial ways of enhancing a youthful look.

Chiki responded: “Exercises that I guide people into doing are not about your appearance but your lungs, health etc. There is a thing that is happening in Europe that I would never do though; and that is botox. But one can have natural fillers which boost the blood circulation. If I felt like I needed it, I would go for it.

“I am a woman; do I want to look older? Of course not! As I am leaving my twenties, I always tell myself off. I would much prefer if I am in my forties and someone tells me that I look like I am in my thirties. I would rather say actually I am in my forties, than if I am in my forties and I tell people I am in my thirties and they are like huh?!”


In the same discussion, the three panelists shared experiences of their previous relationships – and what they did, or would do, to ensure that they pick up their pieces and move on after a break up.

Chiki confessed that she was cheated on in the past, and that it took her one year to heal from the acrimonious break up.

“I have been cheated on and took the higher ground. I literally just said thank you very much, it has been a pleasant five years, don’t contact me. It took me a year to recover from the break up, at least. But that was between me, my friends and family. It wasn’t for him. You can’t take my emotions and also get the pleasure of my crazy. However, that is me. If, as a woman, getting him out is the first step to recovery, then get him out,” she said.

Chiki said her ex-boyfriend would four years later call her to rekindle their terminated relationship, but she rejected his olive branch.

“The man would call me four years later asking me to go on a coffee date with him. I looked hotter than when I was with him. I accepted his coffee offer. On the day of the coffee date, he started rekindling old memories and saying how much he wanted us to get back together; I was like dude…?!” said Chiki.

“The most important thing to healing after a break up is to know yourself; and make sure in your next relationship you make your new partner aware of the person he is getting into a relationship with.”

Chiki is currently dating Bien-Aime Baraza, a member of top boy band Sauti Sol.

Watch the Citizen TV Power Breakfast interview below:

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