Chidi Benz: Hard drugs are a thing of the past!


Tanzanian rapper Rashidi Makwiro, popularly known as Chidi Benz, has said his battle with drug addiction has taught him a major lesson in life, and he vows not to relapse.

Chidi Benz told Mtanzania that hard drugs have ruined his life, adding that the abuse of has caused embarrassment to his family.

Chidi Benz says he is committed to leading a drug-free life.

“Hard drugs (for me) are a thing of the past! I don’t want to hear anything about them. They completely impaired my reasoning, causing a lot of embarrassment to me and my family. They made me lose direction in life. I don’t long for them anymore. I won’t relapse like some of my fellow artistes. I am now focused on my life after rehabilitation; and would want to further my music,” said Chidi Benz.

The rapper says he picked up the destructive habit because he was involved with the wrong crowd. His mates convinced him that the drugs would enrich his talent in music and stage performance.

The rapper went to rehab in March 2016.

Babu Tale (Diamond Platinumz’ manager) and rapper turned drug abuse activist Kamanda Kalapina both pledged their support for Benz, and made it their sole duty to check him into a rehab in Bagamoyo, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

In April 19, a month after he was checked into rehab, Chidi Benz posted a 15 second Instagram video, and seemed to be faring well. In the video, he declared his gratitude for the help he received.

“Sina mengi ya kuongea, niko sawa, nipo okay, niko fresh na msaada naupata (I don’t have much to say, I’m okay, I’m feeling great and grateful for the help I am receiving).”

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