Chicken thrown in pit latrine still alive a month later, haunts Busia family

A family from Bugeng’i Village in Matayos, Busia County is living in fear following strange happenings spooking its members after they threw a live cock, which had come into their compound, inside a pit latrine.

According to a family member who sought anonymity, the cock whose owner remains unknown, came into their compound late December last year and immediately they began noticing strange occurrences.

“The cock entered my compound on December 26. I did not know its owner. It began crowing at 9pm when we were just about to go to bed. I threw it inside a pit latrine because I was afraid of slaughtering it. Until today, it is crowing inside the toilet. It feeds on human waste.

“My family is constantly ailing, and we are experiencing horrifying dreams, seeing live snakes chasing us. All my children are experiencing stomach problems and persistent head ache. I urge ministers of faith to come and pray for my family. I just want to know where this cock came from,” said the distraught family member.


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