Chaos after night of passion: Nairobi man reverses money he’d sent commercial sex worker

A video of an enraged Nairobi commercial sex worker causing chaos at a yet-to-be-identified apartment, after her client failed to pay her for the sexual services she had rendered, has gone viral.

In the undated video, the incensed woman is heard asking her client, who had locked himself in the house, to open the door. Based on the one-minute video clip, the man, who the sex worker referred to as Lenny, did not open the door.

The commercial sex worker said she wanted him to pay for the sexual services he had received from her.

“Open the door! Open this door! I don’t care if you will call the police to arrest me. You slept with me without wearing protection. Where do you expect me to get money for morning-after pills? What’s wrong with you?” posed the angry middle-aged woman.

“Open this door! If you don’t, I will break all your window panes. You will know what a Nairobi woman is made of. [Breaks window panes]. Let the cops come and arrest me,” she said.

“I went to a mobile money agent to withdraw the money you had sent me, only to realise you had reversed the transaction. My account balance was reading Ksh0.00.  I want my money! I have children, who depend on me. I came here to work,” she said.

It remains unknown how much money the sex worker charged ‘Lenny’ for her services.

It also remains unknown what transpired beyond what is captured in the one-minute video clip.

The video, seemingly recorded on phone by a neighbour, found its way to social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, where it was shared widely.

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