Jamaican singer Cecile takes the bullet for Willy Paul. Big mistake!


Jamaican dancehall singer Cecile wonders why “Kenyans hate gospel musician Willy Paul so much”.

Cecile took to Willy Paul’s Instagram post to express her concern following negative feedback the Kenyan artiste has been getting on his timeline since collaborating with her in a new song called “Sikireti”. A section of Kenyans thought the song would pass for a secular hit, and not gospel.

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And on Wednesday night, reports surfaced online that Willy Paul had overdosed on sex-enhancement drugs, adding to a cloud of negative perception that a section of Kenyans have about the musician.

And the “Sitolia” star took to Instagram Wednesday night to refute the claims in a video message.

“I hear they are claiming that I am hospitalised after overdosing on sex-enhancement drugs. Honestly, even if you harbour hatred toward me, I don’t think it should get to that point. When God says ‘yes’ [to me], nobody can say ‘no’. If anything, your ‘no’ holds no power, whatsoever,” said Willy Paul in the video.

“Who is that person, who claimed I was rushed to a Parklands hospital? I heard he said that I was on top of a woman, when Viagra effects overwhelmed me. Shame on you! Look for other ways of bringing me down. Willy Paul is here to stay. You’d wait – to no avail – to hear that I am admitted in hospital.

“Shame on you, and let me not discover who you are because, if I do, it would be messy. We’ve gotten too comfortable and casual with each other, [it is not good]. Guys, in their droves, texted me inquiring if I was okay, or whether I was admitted. To the peddler of that rumour, you will see fire,” said the “Njiwa” star.

An Instagram user, whose name is Boss Lady Simsam, took to the comments section to respond to Willy Paul, and tagged Cecile in the comment.

She said: “I am a Jamaican national living in London, UK. I love the songs Willy Paul did with our female singers, Alaine and Cecile. However, I cannot just understand the bitterness and hatred he gets from his own people [Kenyans].”

And taking to Lady Simsam’s comment replies section, Cecile said: “Simsam, that makes the two of us. It is tragic [how his own do not approve of him].”

Another Instagram user, Kate Hilson, decided to explain why a section of Kenyans do not hold Willy Paul in high regard.

“The thing is that he ventured into the music industry as a gospel musician, which I believe he still is. Confusion, however, comes in when he brags with money, answers online users rudely in the comments section, does collabos with more secular artistes [than gospel singers], uses ‘vulgar’ language… That leaves us, Kenyans, confused. We are not judging; we are just confused,” said Kate Hilson.

Responding to Hilson’s post, Cecile said: “Well, he explained it to me, and I liked it. My perception of love and what Christianity is supposed to mean, obviously, differs from yours. I think that is the problem you guys are having. To me, it seems like some people do not agree with what he is saying, which is okay. That, however, does not mean whatever he is saying is trash.

“Trash is when something is not produced properly, is off-key or flat; it is not mixed and mastered well. It does your culture no good when outsiders see the awful comments because, maybe, this is the first introduction some will have of a Kenyan artiste.

“In Jamaica, no one really knows any, but you already said it is trash. But, I guess, we have the Nigerians to listen to. So far, I have not heard them bashing their own on a collabo like Kenyans did. It hurts my heart to see you all saying my part is good and his is trash. Had it been a Jamaican artiste, I would have never publicly uttered those words even if I believed it because I will never put another over my own.”

And as more and more Kenyans took to the thread to disclose more negative information about Willy Paul to Cecile, the gospel singer turned off the comments feature on that post.

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