Cause of death of Lenana School student established



Amos Mumo, a Form Three student at Lenana School, died from chickenpox that had grown and affected his vital organs including the lungs, liver and the kidneys, an autopsy conducted Tuesday, October 10 has revealed.

“Mumo was unwell at school, and he died on the way to hospital. The postmortem findings have found that he was suffering from chickenpox, which had affected his lungs, the liver, the kidneys and the heart. Basically, what he was suffering from was disseminated chickenpox. We have also taken samples to the government chemist to confirm our findings,” said a family pathologist, Dr Kaburu.

According to Mumo’s mother, Scolastica Musyoka, her son’s death could have been prevented had the school’s health officer rushed the teenager to hospital after his health condition “had deteriorated significantly”.

“The doctor at Kikuyu Hospital told me my son collapsed before passing on. Based on my evaluation of his body at the mortuary, his condition was really bad by the time he died. Sadly, I had called the school’s health officer at 2pm Saturday and he assured me that the boy’s condition was improving, only to be informed at 4pm that my son was no more,” said Ms Musyoka.

“We request the government, through the school, to compensate us for the death of our boy,” said Mumo’s uncle.


Lenana School students on Monday, October 9 were sent home indefinitely following demonstrations over Mumo’s death.

The students were accusing the administration of trying to cover up the cause of Mumo’s death.

According to the students, Mumo had been quarantined at the school’s sanatorium on Saturday after he contracted chickenpox; where his condition worsened.

The students alleged that there were two other students, who had been affected by the disease, but were allowed to go home and get further treatment.

“Mumo was isolated from other students and placed under the school’s care, but we suspect he was neglected, leading to his death,” a Lenana School student said.

Mumo got critically ill on Saturday and was rushed to Kikuyu hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Regional education coordinator, John Olontua, confirmed that the boy fell ill on Wednesday and was admitted to the school clinic.

He, however, developed complications on Saturday, prompting him to be rushed to hospital.

Olontua said investigations into the incident were still ongoing.


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