Caught on camera! DJ Mo wipes tears after saying ‘I love You’…to someone other than Size 8

It is not east to see an African man shed tears – especially in public. When he does, it makes headlines. Ask Deputy President William Ruto.

Well, another public figure has shot up social media trends thanks to his tears: DJ Mo.

In a special Father’s Day video posted by Xtian Dela, DJ Mo gets emotional as he opens up about his relationship with his dad.

A new father himself, the gospel DJ reflects on the role his old man played in his upbringing.

“He never spoiled me much as a kid – and that is not to say that parents should not spoil their kids… [His parenting style] instilled the ‘hustler mentality’ in me,” he said, reminiscing on his childhood.

Despite this relationship, DJ Mo confessed that he has never uttered the all-important three words (I love you) to his dad.

Calling his father on speakerphone as the cameras rolled, the feted disk jockey awkwardly expresses the love he has for his dad.

“I have called you to tell you I love you because you brought me up well. I love you Dad,” he said amid nervous laughter.

Reflecting on dropping the ‘L-Bomb’ on his father, DJ Mo said: “This day helps us! I would have never told my father those words, Man!”

It is at this juncture that he wipes the tears off his eyes…a moment that went viral with the hash tag: #WhyDidDJMOCry.

Watch the full Father’s Day clip here below:

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