Cat kills cow in Kisumu



A man in Kabonyo Irrigation Scheme Village in Nyando, Kisumu County on Wednesday escaped death narrowly after an irate mob stormed his home.

The angry villagers were accusing the elderly man of keeping a “possessed” cat that bit to death a calf belonging to one of the locals, accusing the 60-year-old of practicing witchcraft.

Kawino North location Chief Vincent Ayieko Anyanga says the locals also injured the man’s daughter during the incident when they also attempted to burn down his house.

Chief Anyanga says he received a report about the dead calf and the emerging accusations and ordered the owners of the calf and cat to report to his office.

However, the locals did not have time for interrogations and took the law into their hands. They carried the dead animal and dumped it in the man’s home before descending on him with kicks and blows.

Speaking to Ramogi FM, Mr Anyanga says he attempted to rescue the man but the villagers turned on him and had to flee the scene.

Rabuor Administration Police arrived at the scene and had to fire in the air and lob teargas canisters to deal with the irate mob.

Mr Anyanga says the man and his daughter were rushed to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital for treatment, adding that the mzee was seriously injured.

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