Cashy: Khaligraph Jones impregnated girlfriend to exact revenge


Musician Cashy now says her ex-lover, Khaligraph Jones, impregnated his current partner, Georgina, in a bid to get revenge on her [Cashy] for getting pregnant shortly after they ended their 5-year relationship.

In a candid interview on NTV’s The Trend last Friday, Cashy said Khaligraph was embittered by news of her pregnancy, and that he, thereafter, promised that it won’t take long before he also gets another woman pregnant.

Cashy’s revelation came following an interview that Khaligraph Jones recently had with entertainment blogger, Murugi Gichovi, of The Sauce show, where the Mazishi rapper claimed he “doesn’t know any person, who goes by the name Cashy”.

“Who is Cashy? I do not know anyone who goes by that name. What I am currently concerned about is my baby, who is on the way, and my music career. It is a known fact that Khaligraph is now an international artiste. I can’t remember anything [including relationship with Cashy] that happened before I went international,” said the artiste.

In her response to Jones, Cashy told NTV host Amina Abdi: “I laugh about his remarks. However, in real sense, it is not funny; it is something that is very deep and disrespectful. He knows that he still looks for me for one reason or another.”

“The fact that he also talks about a certain child on the way…, and I do not mean to be disrespectful to anyone, but the intention of that [proclamation] is to hurt me,” said Cashy.

Amina Abdi, seemingly shocked, immediately chimed in, saying: “Wait, you are saying that Khaligraph is getting a baby to hurt you?”

Cashy replied: “Yes, let me explain what I mean by that. I had my kid, and he would text me: ‘I can have five different kids; I can have a kid a day for the year’s 365 days. You will see, you will see’.

“And, it was very painful at the time. I would be like: ‘What do you mean?’ This is a life you are bringing to the world, and this is deeper… and, whatever you have against me, or whatever I have against you – however things went – because… He knows, he knows … He knows why he would look for me. He knows,” said Cashy.

Amina Abdi probed Cashy further on her “he knows” comment.

“What is the reason?” posed the show host.

“He knows. So seeing that, and then he brings the baby [issue] again, and then bring in a song to attack me, and saying something like: ‘Iwe funzo kwao’, and… kwao…? Anyway, I have no beef toward that side. I went through something that I felt if I shared, I would help someone out there get out of something toxic that they are in; it doesn’t matter if you are with a celebrity or popular person,” said Cashy.

Both Khaligraph and Cashy have since moved on, with Cashy saying she is not comfortable sharing details about her 5-month-old son’s father.

Cashy’s allegations come on the back of her recent damning revelations that her 5-year affair with the rapper was marred by violence.

Cashy — in a recent interview with NRG Radio –-, accused Khaligraph of being a “control freak”, “who only cares about himself, and does not treat those around him with respect – including his family”.

Cashy, a mother-of-one, says her relationship with Khaligraph was akin to hell disguised as love.

“He asked me not to go to school or work. At some point, he stopped me from talking to my friends and family,” said Cashy.

The musician said Khaligraph argued that it was a man’s duty to work and fend for his partner, who, should in turn, stay at home.

Cashy, a first-born in a family of four siblings, claimed Khaligraph even dictated what she said during media interviews.

“I remember in early 2017, you [host Mwalimu Rachel] called me for an interview. Khaligraph ordered me not to talk about certain topics. He was like: ‘You can’t say this or that’. I was controlled, too much,” said Cashy.

“He stopped me from performing and going for concerts. He only wanted me to make music. We would be called for shows, but he would never allow me to go and perform with him. Despite the shows being christened ‘Micasa’, he would, instead, call a random girl to sing my part,” said Cashy.

Cashy said that Khaligraph, whom he blocked on phone, has been reaching out in a bid to threaten her.

“I have reported all the threats to the relevant authorities,” said Cashy.

“I am at a good place now. That is why I am not afraid of talking about what I went through despite all the threats,” said Cashy.

Referring to musician R. Kelly’s many sexual assault allegations, Cashy said she would not want to come out 20 years later after several affected women would have spoken out against the artiste.

“I would rather speak out now; and let anyone who wants to be with him know what I went through. Let them know what they are getting themselves into, and make their own decisions. I don’t want it to be like the R. Kelly incident,” said Cashy.

Cashy further claimed Khaligraph had sugar mummies, who were financing his music career.

“Those [elderly] women were ever-prepared to fight me,” she said.

Cashy, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Accounting and Finance, said she does not want to be linked to Khaligraph, whatsoever.

EDAILY reached Khaligraph to respond to Cashy’s damning allegations.

“I don’t want to talk about that Cashy issue. Instead, watch my new music video on YouTube,” he said before hanging up.

Khaligraph’s new song – Beat It – speaks about a young woman, who cheated on him with a financially-loaded sugar daddy.

Cashy, in an interview with EDAILY, denied that the woman Khaligraph speaks about in his song is her.


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