Caroline Mutoko tears down Mohammed Ali of ‘Jicho Pevu’


Media personality Caroline Mutoko has called out KTN investigative journalist Mohammed Ali over how he conducted his analysis of Jacob Juma’s death.

In the Monday, May 23 Jicho Pevu expose titled: Kaburi La Wazi, Mohammed Ali delved into a number of issues including chronological movement of Jacob Juma on his last day, May 5.

However, what stood out and sparked social media discourse is how Mohammed Ali unveiled the name and face of the mysterious lady who was in the company of Jacob Juma at his apartment in Westlands, Brookside Drive.

Right away, the lady became an object of ridicule on social media with Kenyans on Twitter calling her a “gold digger”.

Photos of the young woman were circulated online, and within moments her name shot to the top of social media trends.

Caroline Mutoko says Mohammed Ali’s expose concentrated too much on a non-issue. She contended that the story failed to unearth information that could help lead to the arrest of Jacob Juma’s assassins.

Below is Caroline Mutoko’s rant contained in a video, titled: The Price of Shame, which she uploaded on her You Tube channel on Wednesday, May 25.

“I watched Kaburi La Wazi – Mohammed Ali’s latest expose on Jacob Juma’s murder. And I don’t think I have ever been more disappointed with Moha.”

“Mohammed, why? Why go to all that trouble to do a less than stellar job. But importantly, to undress and shame a twenty-something year-old girl who did nothing wrong!”

“Maybe she made a stupid choice and that is what your twenties are about. I have always said if you can survive your twenties you’ll be just fine. Because twenties are about stupidity, twenties are about being bold, being reckless and that is what it is about.”

“You are willing to blur the taxi driver and everything else – but this girl who made a private decision to be with a grown up; that girl you hang out to dry?”

“And then here is the worst thing – even if you don’t care about her, is that you have totally destroyed the ability for all of us to get back to why the conversation on Jacob Juma is important. A man died and he didn’t just die, he was killed, he was murdered. You have reduced his death to how many women he saw; including a ka-small one.”

“What was the value of what you did? It’s the most disappointing job you have ever done! But also, let’s talk to media as whole – there’s this need to rush and do some shoddy job and also use women and young women as your ultimate click bait.”

“…For me it’s a matter of principle – that if you are going to tell the story, then shame everybody. It is willing buyer, willing seller. Who told you it is okay to protect the identity of the man and not protect the identity of the women – of those mothers, those wives, those sisters?”

“As media and mainstream media we need to sit back and ask ourselves: what’s wrong with us? Why is it that we wake up every day and the one thing we want to do is find any female – so long as the DNA is female – and cut that person down to size. Why?”

“Moha, shame on you! And you know how much time I have for you. But that was unwarranted. That young girl did not deserve to become the item of that expose you did. And Jacob Juma’s memory has been desecrated. And our focus on why it matters is now gone. We are wasting time on chics. Shame on you!”


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