Caroline Mutoko speaks on Hussein Mohamed work ethic


Media personality Caroline Mutoko has given a standing ovation to Citizen Television news anchor, Hussein Mohamed, on his professionalism in conducting live TV interviews.

In a video posted on her YouTube channel, recently, Caroline Mutoko made reference to Mr Mohamed’s recent interview with Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko, which she termed as “hard”, but says the TV anchor still hacked it.

“I want to pay homage to Hussein Mohamed at Royal Media Services, Citizen Television,” began Caroline Mutoko.

“I have watched him take on awkward interviews, fantastic interviews! And I have watched him literally becoming exhausted from doing combat with Mike Sonko; and Hussein, you are awesome. I don’t know how your medical package looks like; I hope they are going to review it, because you actually need to be able to see a shrink at some point and say: ‘What’s wrong with this people?’

“Should you in the next one month do a Miguna (interview), now that you have done Mike Sonko and a Moses Kuria, you know what? Take leave; because your mind won’t be able to take it,” said Caroline Mutoko.

“You could tell for Hussein (right after the Sonko interview), he was exhausted. He might not have run a marathon; I mean he was like that was hard! And that was true. But that shows you, he engages. He got in and he like plugged everything in. He plugged his toes in, his fingers in, his mind, his heart, his lungs… Everything plugged into this thing. And then, the guy he was in the ring with; took him for 20 rounds.

“And that is the beauty of when a person in the fourth estate does their job right.

“Hussein, thank you. You are one of the media personalities doing the job on behalf of the audience and not because of your ego. All of us can name a few are missing in the sector. You are setting the bar again and it is rising, if nobody tells you. Thank you.”

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