Caroline Mutoko earnest observation on Raila Odinga

Media personality Caroline Mutoko has expressed approval of Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s contribution in strengthening Kenya’s democracy.

Speaking on a video posted to her YouTube channel two days ago, Ms Mutoko said few people openly acknowledge Mr Odinga’s contribution toward protecting and strengthening Kenya’s democracy.

“I would like to talk about Raila Odinga, simply because even as we do this back and forth – 2007, 2013, 2017, and saying he lost four times, I think what is very important and nobody wants to say about Raila Odinga is that he has firewalled our democracy and our (political and governance) systems.

“I would like to challenge mainstream media to take time and look for a court clerk and find out how many cases – around electoral process – did National Super Alliance (NASA) or Raila himself take to the court in the last five, maybe seven years.

“If you remember Raila Odinga for nothing in your entire life, and if you admit nothing else to yourself, because you are one of those diehard Uhuru supporters, please accept this: everything Raila has done has fixed the loopholes in our electoral process; it has firewalled our democracy. I think it is so important that this is said,” said Ms Mutoko.

The media personality also advised the NASA presidential candidate to conduct an audit of his campaign strategy team, which she says let down Mr Odinga in the run-up to August 8 presidential vote.

“Another important thing for Raila to figure is that he needs to relook his strategy team again. I have noticed that nobody is talking about it, but I think Raila knows people on his team did not deliver. They probably told him a lot of stories; and blamed all manner of things, including vifaranga vya computer, but he knows as well as I do that there are a lot of people in his team that did not do their job.

“As Raila goes into this phase, there are guys he needs to send home so that he can be able to do a run-off that lets him say ‘Okay, we did our best; let the IEBC do their counting’.

“Even as you talk about everything that we are doing, you have to give Raila Odinga this: that we stand where we are today (as a country) because of him.

“This is a man who went to court having no faith in the Supreme Court, no faith whatsoever, and actually danced a jig when that same Supreme Court seemed to have delivered a win for him. But give Raila this much: he has firewalled what we have today. And please track him all the way from referendum 2005 to 2010, he was always on the other side. That man has done his bit to get us here. You give him that.”


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