Careen Chepchumba was being sexually abused by father – Louis Otieno


Former media personality Louis Otieno has told the Kibera Law Courts that Careen Chepchumba’s father sexually abused the former Kenya Power employee, leading to her frustrations.

Ms Chepchumba, 26, was found lying dead on her bed at Santonia Court, off Kirichwa Road in Nairobi’s Kilimani estate on February 14th, 2012.

Careen Chepchumba allegedly wrote a letter to Louis Otieno before her demise.

In the letter, found next to her lifeless body and which had fresh ink, Chepchumba wrote: “I wish they would let me do my way. Even if we were not together, you are still in my heart. You will still remain so dear to me Louis.”

The pathologists who carried out a post-mortem on Careen’s body confirmed that she had sex with her killer before she died. They also claimed that she was strangled to death and whoever did that was not in a hurry as they even had time to tuck in her body safely between the sheets.

Louis Otieno was since accused of murdering Chepchumba but he has consistently denied the allegations.

“We used to leave at Rose Park Apartment in Kilimani in 2011. I used to be Chepchumba’s neighbor in a flat she stayed with her family. One evening, Careen told me she had something to share. She said she is victim of abuse from relatives; especially her father whom I realised wasn’t the biological dad. She intimated her difficult life with parents especially the step-father,” Louis Otieno said.

“Careen told me her parents warned her not to visit me. She then said she took up duties done by her mother; that would include sleeping with the dad and if he wanted to travel, she would pack his belonging including sorting out and filing his business documents,” Louis added.

Louis claims the late Chepchumba’s mother was cognizant of her husband’s actions but would hinder Careen from sharing with the public the details.

“One day she ran into my house which was unlocked. Her dad was chasing her down the staircase. She said the father wanted to kill her.”

The former TV anchor says he stood in defense of Chepchumba when the father confronted her.

“I stood at my door and told him (Careen’s father) it was unfair to beat her. She went back home an hour later. The next day, she told me she would move out of her parents’ house.”

Louis relocated to Santona Apartments where Careen was found dead a month later. According to him, Careen had fallen out with her parents.

Louis refutes Careen Chepchumba’s father, Mr Hosea Kili’s, claims that his daughter had borrowed heavily from friends and family to finance the flashy lifestyle of the former television personality.

Mr Kili told Kibera Law Courts on May 25th: “I learnt that Careen was stealing my money. When I asked her, she admitted that she stole to pay Mr Otieno’s house rent, his upkeep and pay hospital bills.”

Louis denies: “I would visit her quite often at her new apartment. She did not at any time pay my bills including medical bill as I had insurance. I had learnt that she was diabetic.”

“The source of money was my several trainings as media consultant and I managed to pay my children’s school fees without any form of financial assistance.”

Louis says when Careen died, he was out of the city and was, therefore, not able to view her body.

“I saw her like a week before her demise at our Santona Apartment. I never had sexual intimacies with Careen. That explains why I agreed to do a DNA test. I had never had any conflict with her. One time she asked me to help her buy a car worth Ksh 1 million. After we identified a car, she came with money in cash and we paid for it.”

The inquest into the death of Careen Chepchumba who died mysteriously four years ago, started on May 25th before Kibera Law Courts and the session continues Friday, June 3rd with three witnesses set to testify.

Over 20 witnesses are expected to testify into the case.

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