“Cardi B won’t be slowed down by her detractors”


Rapper Cardi B seems to be experiencing the worst moments of her musical career, as she is faced by a barrage of lawsuits and social-media drama.

This comes at a time, when she is quickly becoming a household name in the Hip-Hop industry.

Love & Hip Hop producer, Mona Scott-Young, says she will defend Cardi B against all the storm.

“Let the haters hate, I know Cardi has withstood a lot, but I’m sure that it’s not going to take her down,” Scott-Young told Page Six.

Ms Mona Scott has been instrumental in Cardi B’s success, as she (Ms Mona) helped launch the rapper’s career.

Cardi B is being sued by a former manager, as well as an autograph hunter who alleges the rapper and her fiancé, Offset, told their security muscle to beat him up.

Meanwhile, Cardi, who is due to give birth to her first child, dramatically quit (then rejoined) social media.

“She is taking some much needed time off … She is having a baby and we tend to think that we are superwoman and we can do everything and scale mountains all while bringing life in the world. So I commend her on unplugging and taking the time off. If that’s what she thinks she needs in order to make sure she is healthy so that she does the most important job, which is creating life.” Said Ms Mona Scott-Young.

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