Car alarm kando! This man ‘invents’ brilliant and cheap way of warding off tyre thieves

Has your car ever broken down in a seedy part of town? You know those unsafe neighborhoods where people ‘shop’ for spare parts on unattended vehicles?

Faced with the same challenge when his vehicle refused to start in a particularly thief-prone area, Simon Mwila came up with an ingenious anti-theft method.

“Last night my car developed a fault and could not move. My area is full of petty thieves, so I knew I will find my car without tyres and side mirrors. Being the smart guy I am, I just had to use my “African Anti-Theft Method”,” he posted on his social media pages.

Using a broom, a clay pot, a broken calabash and some white powder, Mwila came up with his “African Anti-Theft Method”.

So, did it work?

It seems so: “This morning I found my car very intact…not even a fly or mosquito touched it,” he reported.

Want to know how he did it? Check out the pictures below:

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