Calls for Gor Semelang’o presidency after appealing to the youth with CRB scrapping proposal


Businessman and philanthropist Gor Semelang’o won the approval of the youth last week, when he proposed the scrapping of the credit reference bureau.

Mr Semelang’o urged the government, through the National Assembly, to scrap CRB listing for loan defaulters.

Mr Semelang’o said the Kenyan economy has stagnated with little or no new notable job ventures created, hence, according to him, it is unfair for the youth to be listed at the CRB, effectively blocking them from accessing loan facilities.

“MPs should review that law and have it scrapped until our economy stabilises to allow small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to grow. The government should set up funds to allow SMEs to borrow and at least give a grace period of 3 months and a tax vacation of small businesses to grow, given business is the engine of growth,” said Mr Semelang’o.

And following his suggestion, a section of the Kenyan youth backed him up, even going ahead to urge him to give a stab at the presidency in 2022 general election.

Bratha Ken said on Facebook: “Gor for president.”

Caleb Aaron said: “Gor, you are all that we have been waiting for; preach this gospel to the high and mighty.”

Rose Bikeri said: “No, it shouldn’t be scrapped, but regulated. I feel they misuse it. For example, someone gets blacklisted, then they say you pay Ksh2, 000 for you to be removed [from the blacklist]. Upon clearing, you still find out that that you haven’t been removed from the list, and it hinders your presidency. Let CRB operate with policies that help Kenyans; not ones that punish them.”

Oketch Olang’o stated: “Gor Semelang’o is the youth president.”

Erikmsolutions Titus said: “CRB is okay, but it is killing ambitious youth and women.”

Mr Semelang’o also urged governors to engage the Chamber of Commerce in all bilateral agreements in the region to ensure growth of businesses in all counties.

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