Call your MP, Boniface Mwangi tells off desperate Twitter user

A Twitter user tried reaching out to former Starehe Parliamentary aspirant Boniface Mwangi and his response was nothing like the human rights activist Kenyans have gotten used to.

The user, going by @SalanoChavatuzi, posted his grievances to Boniface Mwangi on Twitter complaining about how the authorities had gone to bring down their buildings yet they had only been served with a notice last week.

Responding to the Twitter user, Boniface Mwangi curtly urged the gentleman to call his area representatives.

“Poleni. Call your MCA & MP. They’re your representatives,” said Boniface.

Mwangi’s response was also echoed by controversial blogger Robert Alai who said, “I also tell people this nowadays. You elect others then you want someone else to work for you like a dog.”

Mwangi has reportedly taken a back-seat from politics and gone back to photography after losing the Starehe parliamentary race to current MP Charles ‘Jaguar’ Njagua Kanyi.

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