Busted! Drama as water vendor is caught with police officer’s wife

There was drama in Mawanga, Nakuru County Sunday when a police officer busted his wife with another man in the dead of night.

The officer, who is reportedly stationed in Mombasa County, stormed his family home in Nakuru at 3:00am to find that the mother of his three children was in bed with another man.

The police officer, who is identified only as Makori, had reportedly suspected that his wife, Mercy, was stepping out on him when he was away for work, so he asked two friends to accompany him on the raid.

To ensure that the alleged ‘mpango wa kando’ would not escape, Makori asked his friends to man the back door as he banged the main door.

Frazzled, his wife took some time to answer the front door as her lover – a water trader named Muriithi – tried to make an escape through the back door.

Makori’s friends pounced on Muriithi, forcing him to return to the house where they, together with the jilted husband, landed on him with blows.

Muriithi was finally rescued when neighbours, who were woken up by his cries of agony, intervened.

Speaking to eDaily, Muriithi refuted allegations that he had an ongoing affair with the police officer’s wife.

Saying that he met her just two weeks before, he claimed he had gone to her house to collect an outstanding debt.

“Mercy runs a mobile money business next to mine in town. She took my Sh5, 000 one day and she hasn’t been back to her shop,” he said.

Muriithi went on to say that he was not aware that the woman was married when he visited her home.

On her part, Mercy accused her husband of cruelty.

Backing Muriithi’s statement about the length of their friendship, she said the water vendor had shown her some much needed love.

The two were taken to Nakuru Teachers Police Post for further investigation.

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