Busia sex worker sharply hikes fee to Ksh20, 000, threatens to explode gas cylinder after fight with client


Police in Busia Town on Saturday morning arrested a middle-aged female commercial sex worker and her client after they caused chaos at the woman’s house.

Drama began when the man said he did not have Ksh2, 000 to pay the woman despite enjoying her sex services.

Neighours, who rushed to the woman’s house after hearing the commotions, said, upon learning that the man was hesitant to give her Ksh2, 000 as they had agreed, the sex worker imposed a penalty of Ksh18, 000 — and said, she won’t allow her client out of her house until he pays her Ksh20, 000.

The woman, thereafter, locked her door from the inside using a padlock and threatened to set her cooking gas cylinder on fire “so that they could both die”.

The morning chaos lasted at least two hours.

Police officers from Busia post, however, arrived at the woman’s house and arrested the two.

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