Busia Police boss dismiss man-eaters reports

man eater photo/ courtesy

Busia County Commissioner, Mongo Chimwaga, on Friday, August 19, dismissed reports that a man-eating community based in Uganda has entered the country.

According to Chimwaga, the reports that have spread widely across social media platforms; WhatsApp and Facebook, are not true, something he termed as vague.

Speaking to Citizen Digital, the County Commissioner said that the baseless speculations have created fear among those residing at the boarder of Kenya and Uganda.

“These are just mere rumors making rounds on social media. We have consulted the Ugandan authorities and they have notified us that they have never heard of man-eating communities in Uganda,” he assured.

He added that there should be no cause of alarm and urged the residents and the public at large to continue with their daily activities without fear.

He, however, gave a stern warning to those involved in spreading these rumors that they will face the full arm of the law.

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