Busia man chops off his manhood, feeds it to chicken


By Kefa Juma

A teenager from Sirigoi village in Bunyala Central location in Busia County chopped off his manhood and threw it to chicken Tuesday morning.

The 18-year-old identified as Timothy Ofwaya was rushed for emergency treatment at Bushiri Health Centre in Navakholo.

Dr. Joel Kuyo, who attended to the teen, said the youngster was seriously bleeding when he was taken to the facility by his father.

The teenager had used a razor blade to chop off his private parts.

Dr. Kuyo attended to Mr Ofwaya before referring him to Kakamega County Referral Hospital when the teenager insisted he would sever the remaining part of his genital.

Timothy says he felt his manhood caused “discomfort” to him, hence his decision to sever it from the rest of his body.

Kakamega County Referral Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. John Akoto has declined to disclose the progress and health status of Timothy.



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