Buruburu family returns home from church and finds house help, 22, lying dead on floor



A family from Buruburu in Nairobi County on Sunday was shocked to return from a church service and found their house help aged 22 lying dead on the floor.

Nathaniel Ndegwa reported at the Buruburu Police Station Sunday that his house help, namely Perpetua Kingori, had committed suicide at his house in Elegero Court in Buruburu Phase IV.

According to police, Perpetua was left alone in the house, when her employer, his wife and children went to church at 10:30am.

When the family members returned home at 10:30pm, they found her lying unconscious on the floor of their living room. When police arrived at the scene, they confirmed that Perpetua had died.

Police, who conducted a search of the deceased’s room, found a knife and two bottles of unlabeled pesticide; one was empty and the other was full.

Perpetua’s body was taken to City Mortuary, pending postmortem.


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