Bungoma woman gets a beating after being caught with ‘mpango wa kando’


There was drama in Bungoma Monday afternoon when a boda boda operator busted his wife engaging in sexual acts with another man at a lodging facility.

The livid husband, who was going about his business, acted on a tip-off from a colleague and rushed to the lodging facility where he stormed into the room his wife and the lover were booked in and clobbered her mercilessly.

“He (husband) broke the door, wrestled the woman to the ground and rained blows on her,” an eye witness said. “The woman has brought shame to herself. All women should learn from her undoing,” added another member of the mob that had come to witness the drama.

While many men bayed for her blood, with some managing to land blows on the wayward woman; a woman in her twenties, who was part of the onlookers, thought otherwise.

“Maybe the wife chose to engage in illicit affairs with her lover because her husband does not cater for the family. Look at the time – it is lunch time. I won’t be surprised to learn that the other man gives her money to buy food for the family. Men shouldn’t beat her up because most of them have side dishes,” she said emotionally.

The man at the centre of the love triangle managed to escape after he bolted out of the door when the woman’s irate husband spoiled their “private time”.

It took the intervention of police to whisk the already mortified woman to safety from an angry mob that had gathered in the area, ready to beat her up.

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