Bungoma man digs grave besides dad’s

Bungoma man grave/ photo/ courtesy

Residents of Kibochi village, Bungoma County are disturbed with one of their members who allegedly abandoned his normal schedule to dig a grave beside his late dad’s.

The middle-aged man, Nathan Changara, reportedly woke up on Sunday to start digging the pit.

According to a next-door neighbor, Ruth Wafula, Mr Changara dug four feet then stopped to attend to other errands only to continue later.

It is alleged that his wife’s relatives visited his home after learning of the act and shortly after the meeting she left with her six children.

Changara, who is a watchman at a nearby school, could not be found for a comment because no one knew of his where about in the village.

Speaking on phone, area chief, Wilson Khaemba, confirmed the incident but refused to comment on the matter.

Changara has since filled the grave after word went round. However, his motive for digging the grave remain a puzzle.

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