Bungoma man, 31, forcefully circumcised after evading the knife for over 10 years


A middle-aged man from Sinoko village, Bungoma County has been forcefully circumcised Thursday 18 August after evading the cut for over a decade.

Kevin Juma Wekesa, a casual laborer in Eldoret, has reportedly been avoiding the cut by leaving his Bukusu homeland every time the traditional rite of passage takes place.

“Any man who tries to run away from the practice has a debt to pay. When you come back, you will pay,” a villager said.

The 31-year-old was ambushed with villagers early in the morning and forced him to get circumcised.

According to the tradition, the male gender should be cut before 18 years of age and anyone who dodges the practice is not regarded as an adult yet.

Juma’s uncle, Julius Nyongesa, expressed his happiness seeing his nephew undergo the cut successfully.

“He has finally become an adult and no longer a child. He has undergone the practice successfully and he will heal soon,” Nyongesa said.

It is reported that Juma is a family man with a wife and two children.

This comes even as several community elders have opposed forceful circumcision, saying people should voluntarily undergo the cut.

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