Brother-in-law nabs woman, 26, forcing her three children to drink poison


A 26-year-old woman from Nyasoti Village in North Kanyajuok location in Rongo, Migori County has been arrested for attempting to poison her three children Tuesday night.

The suspect was on the verge of poisoning her children aged 11, nine and seven, when her brother-in-law rescued them.

According to area Chief Erick Mala, the suspect had prepared a poisonous concoction and had called her children to her bedroom, where she was nabbed trying to force them to drink the killer mixture.

Mala said the children’s uncle heard screams emanating from the suspect’s bedroom, where he rushed and found the woman coercing the children to ingest the poison.

The local administrator said the woman claimed her husband, who is employed in Nairobi, was frustrating their marriage and she had planned to kill her children before committing suicide.

Chief Mala said the suspect had had a misunderstanding with her husband about plunging money into the construction of their family home in Nyasoti Village.

The area administrator revealed it was not the first time the suspect was attempting to commit suicide, saying she had been rescued in the past trying to poison herself over marital problems.


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