Bridget Achieng: This is how Vera Sidika turned her skin back to black

Socialite Bridget Achieng has alleged that her counterpart Vera Sidika used a sort of spray to turn her skin back to black recently.

Bridget, who spoke in an interview on NTV, divulged how Vera was able to outwit Kenyans with her 3-day skin color change.

Vera recently grabbed the limelight when she stepped out looking her former dark self despite previously disclosing to the public that she bleached her skin.

“When using the bleaching creams, one can control what color they want to be, if you want to be a shade lighter or darker, you can achieve that,” said Bridget.

“If I want to go back to my color I can still do it, but what Vera did was just spray her body which lasts for about three days. People who watch movies would agree that even whites do it when they are shooting a movie when they want to look dark.”

Bridget also talked of her bleaching experience stating that she spent approximately Ksh.3 million on her procedure.

The mother of one added that bleaching can be manipulated and that one can change their skin to be brighter or darker according to their preferences.

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