Boyfriend made Conjestina Achieng escape from rehab, says doctor


Former boxing champion Conjestina Achieng has fled from Foundation of Hope Rehabilitation Centre in Kisumu where she was receiving treatment for clinical depression and marijuana dependency, her doctor Javan Ochieng has confirmed.

Conjestina Achieng escaped from the rehab facility on Friday, April 29 where she was admitted since December, 2015.

It now emerges that a man lured the veteran boxer into escaping from the treatment centre, if her doctor’s revelation is anything to go by.

“Conjestina had a boyfriend who seemingly lured her into running away from rehab,” Dr Javan Ochieng told eDaily.

“You know when she was coming back to her senses; she began developing the normal feelings – such as affection.  It seems things did not work out with the boyfriend. She eloped with the boyfriend for about two or three days. They must have had a fight, and she was thus forced to return to her parents’ home,” Dr Ochieng added.

Conjestina’s elder brother William Ochieng says the ex-boxer is causing panic among family members after she, on Wednesday May 3, confiscated several pangas from primary school going children who had just turned up for term two.

Could Conjestina’s action be a consequence of mental instability? Dr Javan doesn’t think so.

“I think the havoc she is causing at home is a as a result of frustrations that come with a failed relationship. I had not discharged her, however. I told her family to bring her back. But I can confirm she hadn’t snapped at the time of escape,” Dr Javan said.

Dr Javan says Conjestina’s alleged boyfriend used to visit her at the rehab centre nearly every day.

“The boyfriend would visit quite frequently – like about every other day. The other thing is: he was also not clean; he was using drugs. There’s a possibility he’d lured Conjestina back to drugs,” Dr Javan said.

And does he have vivid details of the alleged man in Conjestina’s life?

“I don’t know much about the boyfriend. I would just see a man come and ask for Conjestina privately. You can tell if someone is seeing another – the actions of someone easily sell an affair out,” he explained.

Dr Javan Ochieng says he has not probed the real cause of Conjestina’s fall out with the said boyfriend.

“I have not followed up with the boyfriend because I consider such fall out between lovers as community issues,” he said, adding: “I don’t mind her coming back – but the family needs to bring her in. The other time I used my resources to admit her at the rehab facility.”

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