Boxer Conje badly beaten by mob along Kisumu-Busia Highway

Former celebrated female boxer Conjestina Achieng’ continues to wallow in poverty, deteriorating health, and hopelessness in Gem, Yala in Siaya County. This would pass as one of the most embarrassing grace-to-grass situations in current times.

The one time feared frame, boxing adeptness of Conjestina no longer intimidates anyone; at least going by her elder brother, William Ochieng’s revelation – that a mob clobbered her for ‘intervening where she should not have.’

Speaking to Citizen Digital, Mr Ochieng’ narrated: “Recently people ganged up against Conjestina and beat her thoroughly along the Kisumu-Busia Road.”

Disclosing what prompted the horde to subject the once celebrated boxing champion to such humiliation, Ochieng’ said: “There was a thief who was being beaten by a mob. Conjestina went there to try to pacify the situation and also help stop the mob from beating the alleged thief to death.”

“However, they turned tables on her and beat her thoroughly! They only stopped battering her when some men and I appeared at the scene. They all ran away.”

“They hadn’t harmed her to an extent of being hospitalized,” Mr Ochieng’ added.

The erstwhile heroic, iconic and loved boxing great is languishing in dearth, says William.

Confirming if the pictures doing rounds on social media of a dejected Conjestina are a true reflection of her situation, he fervently responded on the affirmative.

“It is a 100% true: her situation is wanting! We are totally confused at home.”

Her life of want and anguish is arguably a result of the boxer’s poor management of her brand during her peak times.

Mr Ochieng’, however, has urged either the county or national government to chip in and salvage the condition of the formerly proud embodiment of Kenyan boxing. Too bad, his pleas have often fell on deaf ears.

“This lady (Conjestina) has not gotten any assistance from the state or county government. Nowadays if I knock on any Siaya County officer’s door, they push me away – they even nicknamed me ‘problem man’.”

Ochieng’ added: “I have written many letters to authorities in Siaya County Government requesting for any form of assistance for Conjestina plus her son who has a school fees balance of Ksh 80,000. None of the family members can afford that amount wanted by Maliera Boys High School.”

Mr Ochieng says he is less optimistic the 38-year-old would fully recover, considering the monetary troubles at home.

“Conjestina cannot fully regain her health because of the financial difficulties we are facing. The drugs and medical treatment are very expensive. Her financer stopped injecting money into her medication. He (the financier) used to contribute Ksh 5,000 every month for her drugs.”

“Conjestina’s condition led to her dad’s demise”

Mr Ochieng’ divulged Conjestina’s stagnated health; if not worsening, depressed their father leading to his demise.

“Her situation made our father to pass away December, 2014. It also made my business collapse in Siaya Town, and was forced to retreat back home,” he said.

“With all the returns I got from the business, and also the capital I used to infuse into the business, I exhausted it all on Conje’s treatment.”

He added: “It is now our burden at home to foot her medical bills, we are not economically able.”

Wasted frame

Conjestina’s latest photos circulating on social media show a wasted frame – a razor-sharp contrast to the supple boxer who used to destroy her opponents within the blink of an eye.

In her peak days, the agile boxer would make up to Ksh 800,000 in a single fight in Nairobi.

It is this lost glory of once upon a time great boxer which has prompted Miss Eastlands 2015, Eveleen Mingoye, to put up initiatives aimed at restoring the health and robust structure of Conje.

“My mission is to take Conjestina to India for proper medical care. She has been to different hospitals in Kenya but has never gotten well. I have communicated with an Indian doctor, and we are good to go.”

“However, we have to fundraise for her. The doctor said they will charge Ksh1.86 million ($18, 200) for 15 days. Her treatment could take 2-3 months.That is exclusive of air ticket and accompaniments,” said the 22-year-old beauty queen.

“Now she (Conjestina) is begging for coins to get drunk! The trauma is also so high that it worsens her condition.”

The paybill 215212 named Rescue Conjestina has been put up to help raise funds for Conjestina.

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