Boss sought sexual favours to allow me receive Uhuru: Angeline Naliaka

Women living with disabilities in Bungoma County have complained of sexual harassment by male civil servants.

According to Angeline Naliaka, she says one of the male public servants asked to sleep with her so that she could be allowed to receive President Uhuru Kenyatta during the head of state’s recent visit to Bungoma County.

President Uhuru Kenyatta presided over the first graduation ceremony at Kibabii University on November 24, where a total of 742 graduates were conferred degrees.

“The man said that he would include my name on the list (of people to receive Uhuru) if I allowed him to come to my house on the eve of the President’s visit,” Ms Naliaka told eDaily.

Ms Naliaka says she rejected the man’s sexual advances and her name was axed from the list of those who received the President. She says the removal of her name from the list cost her the day’s allowances – which was her right.

“How can I sleep with a man who is not my husband or boyfriend; or worse still, one whom I don’t know his HIV status?” posed Naliaka.

Naliaka says female victims of sexual harassment are many – and that she was just among the few bold ones to call out the vice.

“We would like those in charge to allow us elect a lady representative (to the county government body of disabled people) whom we shall express our desires to when we are faced with challenges. It easier that way,” she said.

The county government says it will investigate Ms Naliaka’s claims.

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