Boniface Mwangi responds to DP Ruto’s demands


Activist Boniface Mwangi has dared Deputy President William Ruto to sue him for defamation after the latter demanded an apology from Mr Mwangi for posting a “libelous” tweet that linked the DP to the murder of businessman Jacob Juma.

Boniface Mwangi posted a controversial tweet on September 28 insinuating the DP’s involvement in the murder of Juma.

“The words in their ordinary and plain meaning are defamatory and they have severely injured our client’s reputation…people now view our client as a murderer and a thief. His reputation as a national leader has been gravely undermined by the said tweet,” read DP Ruto’s legal rep Kilukumi and Co. Advocates letter addressed to Boniface Mwangi dated September 30.

“It is common knowledge that all digital activity is public and permanent. Once posted online a tweet is there forever… This leaves a permanent damage on our client’s reputation as he has been exposed to shame, hatred, contempt, anguish and animosity. He has as a result been injured and continues to be injured in his political career. Our instructions are therefore to demand, as we hereby do, your immediate publication of a suitable retraction, correction and apology, the same to be given a prominent coverage,” Kilukumi statement added.

Boniface Mwangi, through his lawyer Gitobu Imanyara, has clapped back; daring the Deputy President to sue him for defamation.

In a letter addressed to Kilukumi and Co. Advocates, Gitobu Imanyara said: “Your client is the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, a State Office to which he is accountable to the people of Kenya. As long as he holds that office he must accept that he will attract and continue to attract not only praise where it is due but also most robust criticism for any conduct or behavior that falls below the requirements of the Leadership and Integrity provisions set out in Chapter VI of the Constitution.

“Boniface Mwangi is not only a journalist but a human rights and public interest defender who has bravely and courageously fought for the preservation of our constitutional values and bringing to account leaders who do not live by their oaths of office. He has been subjected to death threats, torture, malicious prosecution and countless intimidations all geared to silence him. He sees the threat contained in your letter as falling in this category of harassment.

“Your client appears to have singled him out because of his consistent defence of the public interest and he is not surprised by this,” read Boniface Mwangi’s statement in part.



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