Boniface Mwangi and his family survive ugly crash


Social activist Boniface Mwangi and his two sons survived a horror crash on Saturday night on Mombasa Road.

A saloon car driver rammed into Mr Mwangi’s vehicle from behind.

No injuries or fatalities were reported in the road accident, which happened in Syokimau area.

According to Mr Mwangi, the driver of the saloon car was drunk and did not have his driver’s license at the time of the crash.

Speaking to EDAILY on phone on Sunday, Mr Mwangi said: “We thank God my sons and I are safe.”

The activist tweeted details of the accident on Saturday.

He said: “Drunk driver has been breathalyzered and found to be drunk and no DL. He has been arrested. Alcohol impounded. I have been told to go on Monday and get a police abstract.”

According to Mr Mwangi, the owner of the vehicle tried to prevent him from alerting the vehicle insurer that the offending driver was under the influence of alcohol.

“If you’re the insurer of KCE 201H, the car’s driver was totally drunk. Alcohol was also found in his car. Driver is locked up at Embakasi Police. Owner of the car has shown up at the scene, spoken to the cops, he wants a version that will make the insurer pay for his driver’s DUI,” tweeted Boniface Mwangi.

His tweet, however, rubbed a section of Twitter users the wrong way, with those faulting him accusing the activist of snitching on a fellow motorist.

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