Boda boda catches fire while in transit

A boda boda rider and a passenger escaped death by a whisker Monday afternoon when a motorbike they were riding on caught fire.

The incident occurred at Manyatta on Embu-Kiajokoma road.

Eye witnesses say they had alerted the boda boda rider that the motorbike’s rear part was on fire, but he ignored the alarm calls, traveling for nearly a kilometer before stopping.

The eye witnesses say the boda boda rider and the passenger only realised how serious the situation was when their clothes caught fire. They, consequently, jumped off the moving bike.

The passenger was carrying a power saw and a jerrycan, which had petrol in it.

It is suspected the highly-flammable material fuelled the fire.

The motorbike was reduced to a shell, despite attempts by locals to put out the fire.

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