Bobi Wine’s whereabouts unknown a day after his driver’s killing


Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine, has gone missing a day after the fatal shooting of his driver, the MP’s social media administrator says.

“As we speak, we have not heard from Hon. Bobi Wine as his phones are not reachable and security forces are not telling us if they arrested him or not,” the social media officer said on Facebook Tuesday.

“Last night SFC soldiers and police arrested many of his comrades including Hon. Zaake Francis, Hon. Gerald Karuhanga, Nyanzi Fred and candidate Kassiano Wadri. Many of those who were arrested were brutally beaten and are currently hospitalised.

“The security forces launched a search and mounted road blocks everywhere and broke into all hotels where our comrades were suspected to be staying. They also vandalised all our vehicles and took away everything in those cars.

“They are also still in possession of the body of our fallen brother. We don’t know when it will be handed to us so that we give him a decent send off.

“For now, we know that the shooting was a deliberate attempt on Bobi Wine’s life. We were marching peacefully back to our hotel from the rally when security forces opened fire, and one bullet went straight to the seat in the Tundra vehicle where Bobi normally sits,” said the social media admin.

The admin alleges that government officers are responsible for the death of Bobi Wine’s driver.

Trouble began Monday, when MPs in rivaling camps campaigned for their preferred candidates in the race for Arua Municipality Parliamentary by-election, which will be held on Wednesday.

Different candidates were marching to their respective offices with supporters, when chaos erupted resulting in the fatal shooting of Bobi Wine’s driver.

On Dorcus Inzikuru Street, supporters of Kassiano Wadri Kassiano, a candidate affiliated to Opposition party, were marching ahead of supporters of Nusura Tiperu, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate.

Suddenly, gunshots were fired on Wadri’s group, forcing them to disperse.

The group retaliated by hurling stones at security forces.

Bobi Wine was one of the politicians campaigning for Wadri.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni was campaigning for Tiperu, when the skirmishes erupted.

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