Blind woman ventures into prostitution to raise cash for eye surgery


A partially blind woman in Chitungwiza – a town 30 kilometres south of Zimbabwean capital, Harare –, has ventured into prostitution so that she can raise money for eye surgery, reports H-Metro.

The woman identified by the pseudonym Kelly told the outlet that she wants to raise USD500 (KSh51, 000) for treatment.

Kelly has engaged the services of her lover who offers security.

“My life is no longer the same following the passing on of my mother, and this forced me into prostitution,” Kelly told H-Metro.

“I have no problem of accommodation since I am renting a room with my boyfriend Elton in Chitungwiza and he is the one who keeps all the money I receive from the men I render services to. Elton makes sure he records all the vehicle registration numbers of motorists who hire me and makes sure I am secured.”

Referring to commercial sex work as “not good at all”, Kelly says she won’t engage in the practice for long.

“After raising the money, I do not see myself continuing in sex work because the life is not good at all and some of the clients want to take advantage of me to give me peanuts. It is not a good method to raise money through, but I was left without any other option,” she said.

Kelly has appealed for help from well-wishers and vows to stop prostitution immediately someone comes to her rescue.

Kelly’s boyfriend, Elton, confirmed he is living with her. He says he provides adequate protection to her when she is out in the streets.

“I record those who engage Kelly for security purposes and I make sure she is kept warm by collecting pieces of cardboard boxes to make fire,” he said.

Rachel, a commercial sex worker and Kelly’s friend, told the outlet that she helps Kelly by holding her hand when approaching her potential clients, saying most of the clients prefer her to them because she is young.

“Kelly is getting more customers and we have agreed with all commercial sex workers around this place that we must not compete with her since she is after raising money for eye surgery,” said Rachel.

“I give her a hand leading her to her clients because she is blind,” added Rachel.

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