Bizarre chop! Man cuts off his own private parts in Busia


A 20-year-old man is nursing serious injuries at Busia Referral Hospital after he chopped off his genitals and threw them in the toilet.

Jafar Rashid claims life’s frustrations drove him to commit the drastic act, adding that his addiction to drugs (mostly bhang) also contributed to his woes.

According to his mother, Roselyn Fazira, Rashis asked for a knife saying he was he needed to cut some mangoes. Shortly after he got the knife, he emerged from his room bleeding.

News of Rashid’s self-harm spread, causing curious residents to congregate at the hospital – many curious to find out why one would hurt themselves in such a manner.

Speaking to eDaily, Rashid’s aunt, Maurine Juma, explained that Rashid frustrations stemmed from a sodomy incident that took place at Nambale Police Station some time back.

Reported by: Lillian Osiema

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