Billionaire Reginald Mengi, 75, gushes about his 39-year-old wife in heartfelt message


Tanzanian industrialist and media tycoon Reginald Mengi took to Twitter on Thursday to profess his undying love for his wife Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe-Mengi formerly known as K Lynn.

Mr Mengi, 75, tied the knot with Ms Ntuyabaliwe, 39, in an expensive wedding held in Mauritius on March 28, 2015.

And, to celebrate four years in marriage, Reginald Mengi took to Twitter to pen his spouse a heartfelt message.

“Happy anniversary my sweet love. It has been a very exciting journey full of love and happiness. I love you crazy,” said the billionaire.

In a previous interview with Citizen Television, Reginald Mengi said he first met Ms Ntuyabaliwe in the UK in 2010, when they had both visited the European nation for business and music performances respectively.

Reginald Mengi said Ms Ntuyabaliwe declined to meet him despite making several subsequent attempts.

She, however, accepted his proposal when they returned to Tanzania a few months later.

Reginald Mengi said he married Ms Ntuyabaliwe because she possesses qualities of a good wife.

“She loves me so much; she cooks, washes my clothes with her own hands and not a machine; she respects and knows my position as a man and husband. She also knows her position as a woman and wife,” said Mr Mengi.

The couple has young twin sons.

According to Forbes magazine, Reginald Mengi has a net worth of at least $560 million (Ksh56 billion).

Ms Ntuyabaliwe rocked Tanzanian music industry in the early 2000s with songs such as “Crazy Over You”, “Nalia Kwa Furaha” among others.

She has since stopped producing music, saying she wants to concentrate on raising her family.

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