Biko Adema’s message to Uhuru Kenyatta after rugby team shines in Singapore

Kenya Sevens Fly Half Biko Adema has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to further look into the welfare of rugby players in the country.

His appeal to the President comes just a day after the Kenya Sevens national team were crowned victors in the Singapore Sevens tournament.

Kenya upset Main Cup runners-up and World Series leaders Fiji 30-7 in a highly charged match. The national heroes are expected to jet into the country on Tuesday, April 19th.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, among other dignitaries, will receive the national rugby sevens team and treat the big boys to a homecoming party at State House, Nairobi.

Biko Adema, however, has a message for Uhuru ahead of the presidential treat.

“I request the government under President Kenyatta’s leadership to come in and see that actually rugby is doing so much good for this country and for the young guys. It (playing rugby) has exposed us, players, to so many things and we would like to also feel appreciated in some way or the other,” Biko Adema told eDaily.

Narrowing down on his key request, Biko said: “I am talking about financial support. I think we need to take this game to another level. Many of us (Kenya sevens rugby players) are still doing other things behind the scenes – work and school. We can make rugby in Kenya a full-time career; even if it is not for me or members of the current team – but for those guys coming through.

“Rugby is a way of creating employment for the youth; so why not? And we are doing something that we love – and when one does something that he or she loves, he or she does it at his or her best,” said Biko Adema.

Bright future

The star rugby player says the Singapore Sevens Cup win for Kenya is just the beginning – more is yet to come.

“The future for the Kenya Sevens rugby team is bright. Think of it like this – many players who beat Fiji in Singapore are young guys. They showed that they can play at that grand stage.” “Obviously there was a lot of guidance from the senior players, but a lot of the energy and the fire power came from the young stars. So, if they can form a strong unit and continue to portray that maturity in controlling the game and knowing what to do and when to do it on the pitch, then the future should be very bright,” he said.

Biko Adema did not play for Shujaa in the Singapore Sevens due to injury. He attributes Kenya’s victory to true sportsmanship and discipline.

“The team was focused; everyone was playing his part; the defense line was very composed and in sync. Once you get that going, you’ll obviously get the ball and when it comes to attack, you hit the lines hard. That is basically it!”

“One might think it is about so many tactics, but when he or she breaks it down to these smaller finer details. That is what we executed. We kept it simple, but very direct,” Biko said.


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