Bidco lorry crash in Kakamega: “Nisaidieni, niko Nasa”: How driver desperately cried out for help, GK vehicle occupants “looted” oil from accident scene

A lorry which was transporting cooking oil and soap products by Bidco Oil firm lost control and plunged into River Iguhu in Kakamega County on Thursday, November 16.

The lorry’s turn boy died on the spot, while the driver was rushed to Mbale Regional Referral Hospital after sustaining serious injuries following the accident, which occurred on the Kisumu-Kakamega road.

According to eye witnesses, the lorry driver, who was heading to Kakamega from Kisumu, lost control of the vehicle and careened off the road as he was trying to avoid ramming into an oncoming car. The lorry crashed into the stream.

Lurambi lawmaker, Titus Khamala, who visited the accident scene, blamed the crash on a lack of proper signage on the road.

“I would want the constructor, who won the bid to build this road, to place proper signage and reflectors. At night, it is nearly-impossible for motorists to know where the road leads to. I also urge motorists to be careful on the roads,” said Mr Khamala.

Residents of Iguhu and other motorists put their perceived political inclination to the Opposition aside and ignored the National Super Alliance’s call to boycott products by Bidco. They, instead, opted to “loot” oil products and soap from the lorry.

According to a witness, who spoke at the scene, the motorists, who parked their cars by the roadside, worked for the State, going by the registration plates of the cars.

“I heard a loud bang coming from River Iguhu. When I rushed to the scene, I found a lorry had crashed into the stream. Several oil containers scattered at the scene. The driver, who was covered by the oil-filled containers, cried in agony: “Please help me. I come from the Kamba community. I support NASA, please help,” said the witness, who spoke in confidence.

“I could hear his voice, but I could not see him. I was alone at the accident scene. I could not get into the river alone. A few minutes later, another man, who was driving a lorry belonging to a bread-manufacturing firm, came to the scene. He said to me: ‘Let us help that person.’ I told him: ‘I am willing to help, but I can’t swim in the river alone; I need help.’

“He told me he could swim. We got into the river and removed the oil containers and placed them on the river bank.

“I found it funny that the people who were urging us to help the accident victims, were the ones who were ferrying the oil containers into their waiting vehicles; the registration plates showed the vehicles belonged to the government (GK). The GK vehicles were driven to the scene in turns. The drivers of the vehicles loaded oil containers into the cars and sped off.

“After removing several containers, we saw the man, who was crying out for help. We successfully rescued him from the scene and rushed him to hospital, sadly the other person he was with, died on the spot.”

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