Beyonce’s dad attacked for twins tweet

Mathew Knowles poses with Beyonce and ex-wife Tina Lawson

The Beyhive, Beyonce’s online fans, are a very unhappy lot. The cause of their consternation is the father of their idol Beyonce and former manager of Destiny Child, Mathew Knowles.

Mr Knowles yesterday took to Twitter to announce the arrival of the twins on Twitter. The tweet simply read: “They’re here” and was hashtagged #twins #beyonce #jayz #happybirthday.

The fans of Beyonce have taken an issue with this tweet for many reasons. For one, they feel that breaking the baby news was something that should have been left to either Beyonce or hubby Jay-Z, since they are the proud parents of the twins. Mr Knowles, to them, has stolen the spotlight from her daughter and turned all the attention to himself.

They are also irked by the fact that the tweet was not directed at either Bey or Jay. It was not a congratulatory message. Fans have argued that this was a selfish move as he did not have the two parents at heart.

Maybe the one thing that has made the fans more livid is the fact that Mathew Knowles added his social media information to the tweet, specifically his Instagram handle. This was perceived to be a self-promotion stunt and the Beyhive is not taking this lightly.

The relationship between Beyonce and her father has been strained, much as he used to be her manager at some point. They severed professional ties and the extent of the damage this did to their personal relationship is not quantifiable, given that both are not forthcoming with the details of this. He and Beyonce’s mum, Tina Lawson, parted ways some years ago.

It should be noted that neither Bey nor Jay has expressly announced the arrival of the babies, or whether they have been delivered at all. It is no wonder then, that the fans are so mad, as they expected the major announcement from Bey herself of her husband.



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