Betty Kyallo breaks silence on Okari’s new love life


K24 News presenter Betty Kyallo says she is not pained – whatsoever — that her ex-husband, Dennis Okari, has found new love.

Ms Kyallo, whose marriage to Mr Okari lasted six months, has — for long — kept silent about her post-Okari life.

She now says she is “happily” single – and doesn’t want to be “jinxed” should she get into a new relationship.

Even as she enjoys her single life, her ex-partner, Mr Okari, a news anchor at NTV, found fresh love in a woman named Naomi Joy, whom he proposed to on January 26.

And an online user asked Ms Kyallo – in a Q&A session held on Instagram – whether she “feels bad” that Mr Okari moved on.

“How do you manage the pain?” posed the Instagram user.

“[There is] no pain, whatsoever. [I am] happy for him. [I] wish him the best,” said Ms Kyallo, adding: “And, to everyone else who has gone or [is] going through the same thing [separation/divorce], you are human, life happens; move on and find your happiness. I am happier [outside marriage].”

The mother-of-one also divulged that she and Mr Okari do not have a co-parenting arrangement for their 4-year-old daughter, claiming she solely raises the child.

“How do you co-parent; do you have a formal system or schedule?” an Instagram user asked Ms Kyallo, who quickly clarified: “I am a single parent”.

In November 2018, Ms Kyallo indirectly accused Mr Okari of being a deadbeat father after he faulted the TV siren for exposing their daughter to social media attention.

And during her Q&A session with her followers, the deadbeat question popped up – again.

“[What is] your advice to deadbeat dads?” posed a fan.

“[I would tell them]: God is watching you. One day, you will come back because these kids you sire and run away from, are always blessed,” said Ms Kyallo.

The popular TV anchor also spoke candidly about healing from a broken relationship.

“Just how do you bounce back from a broken friendship, which you had thought was genuine?” asked one follower.

“It is really hard, darling. I struggled, but imagine those are some of the best lessons you will ever get in life. Talk about it, cry about it and then dust it off,” said Ms Kyallo.

Ms Kyallo and Mr Okari tied the knot in October, 2015.

The ex-couple broke up six months later, with Ms Kyallo accusing Mr Okari of unfaithfulness.

Mr Okari has since found fresh love, whom, EDAILY understands, he would be exchanging wedding vows with on Friday, February 15 in Nairobi.

Mr Okari – traditionally – sought his lover Naomi Joy’s hand in marriage in October last year at her parents’ home in Ukambani.

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