Gospel singer Betty Bayo: Why my skin is lighter than it used to be


Gospel singer Betty Bayo says that her recent body transformation came as a result of having peace of mind.

Ms Bayo made the statement after curious fans questioned her about the vivid changes in appearance on social media.

Sonko George Kay wrote: “… I hope you haven’t done any plastic surgery coz you look totally different from our Betty.”

Flo Mwangi Munene posed: “Why are you so plump… Kwani umetoka kuvera sidika (Translation: Did you enhance your looks like Vera Sidika)?”

In response, Betty Bayo refuted having enhanced her looks through cosmetic surgery.

She said: “No, no, no… I was so stressed then but now I am so blessed. I did nothing at all about it, just ate well and relaxed. I didn’t even hit the gym and I am so awesome now; got nothing to compare to the Lord. He is very faithful and has remembered me.”

The Ngai Ti Mundu hit-maker declined to address fans’ questions about the situation with her estranged husband pastor Kanyari.

She said: “That’s my personal business.”

In 2014, KTN investigative duo Mohammed Ali and John-Allan Namu unearthed fake miracles that were performed by Pastor Victor Kanyari at his church in Nairobi.

Until the airing of the expose, many did not know that Betty Bayo was Victor Kanyari’s wife.

Following backlash from the expose, Ms Bayo stated that she had no knowledge of the staged miracles, adding that she has separated from Kanyari.

It later emerged that Betty was expectant.

In an interview with Nairobian early January, Kanyari denied being responsible for Betty Bayo’s pregnancy.

Betty Bayo gave birth late December, 2015.

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