Being Akothee’s daughter: Vesha Shailan, 21, reveals it all – VIDEO

Akothee’s eldest daughter, Vesha Shailan Okello, says her musician mother is her role model despite Akothee receiving negative reputation reviews online.

Ms Okello, who was the guest on Citizen Extra’s Trends and Entertainment show on Friday, July 6, says she is her mother’s biggest fan, and approves of everything that she does.

Last month, Akothee invited a barrage of negative comments to her Instagram page, when she posted a picture of her throwing a kick up in the air while dressed in a swimsuit on stage.

The picture was taken in London, when the “Give it to Me” hit-maker performed at the One Africa Music Fest held at the SSE Wembley Arena on June 2.

In her animal-print swimsuit, black ankle-length boots, a microphone in her right hand and a gaze fixed at an angle, Akothee spread her legs quite apart as she threw her left leg in the air, unconcerned of what her colossal fanbase in the lower part of the arena thought of her.

Unapologetically, she uploaded the image to her Instagram page, and captioned it: “Thailand mode”.

The picture, expectedly, attracted hundreds of comments, with a section of online users faulting Akothee for being “mannerless”.

One of the displeased people was vocal politician and ex-chair of the NGO Council, Orie Rogo Manduli, who described Akothee as a “rogue” woman, who is not worth being a role model to young girls.

“Based on her behaviour, Akothee risks chasing away good men who are, probably, pursuing her daughters. No man, in his right senses, would want to marry a lady whose mother parades her body online, and reveals the number of men she has bedded,” Ms Manduli told EDAILY.

However, Akothee’s 21-year-old daughter, Ms Okello, does not think her mother was being “mannerless” in London.

“I, personally, don’t see anything wrong with what she wore. I believe artistes wear different costumes [for different shows, depending on the audiences they will be performing to]. Her audience in London was Western. I think mum researched on them, and understood what they wanted,” said Ms Okello.

The Strathmore University student says her mother values education; and would cause a fuss, when she and her younger sisters, return home with grades “lower than an A (Plain)”.

“She threatens to take away the cars we are driving, when we score lower grades in school,” said Ms Okello.

Ms Okello, who is the director of her mother’s tours and travel company – Akothee Safaris –, says she is single, saying she has “no adequate time to concentrate on relationships”.

The vicenarian also refuted past reports that she was dating popular Ohangla musician Musa Jakadalla.

Vesha Shailan is Akothee’s eldest daughter. She has two other sisters Celine Dion Okello, 19, and Prudence Otieno, 18.

Akothee also has two sons Oyoo, 5, and Ojwang, 7.

Watch Vesha Shailan’s full interview below:


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