Bebe Cool disses Chameleone, Kenzo, says they’re ‘under his shade’

Controversial Ugandan artiste, Bebe Cool, has claimed he is the father of Ugandan music and that every other musician who is currently topping the charts is “under his shade.”

Speaking in a recent television interview in Uganda, Bebe Cool said he has been in the industry for the longest time, and has nurtured many Ugandan singers who are now ‘blustering of being more successful than him’.

“I have been in this industry for more than 20 years! I paved way for these young artistes – so how do you weigh me with someone who is dancing on my own stage? All these musicians, Bobi Wine, Chameleone are riding under my shade,” he told.

Bebe, who has been at odds with Eddy Kenzo for most of 2015, also took a swipe at the Sitya Loss hit-maker saying Kenzo’s ‘15 minutes of fame’ will come to an end in the next two years.

“Eddy should not be misled by his fans; people on social media don’t understand the dynamics of this business. You can’t disrespect your superiors and think you’ll succeed.  He should know that an Award will not do the singing, let him stick to producing more music than hawking and celebrating his Award”

In early July,  Kenzo called Bebe a “politician who attacks everyone to remain relevant – a tact he uses to cover up for his poor song writing skills.”

“Bebe Cool is a poor writer, he hires writers Like Nince Henry and he thinks he can compete with Eddy Kenzo who writes his own Music. Bebe Cool is a politician who attacks everyone,” said Eddy in the interview with Uganda’s Dembe FM.

Bebe Cool has of late been under constant criticism from both his home and foreign fans for being ‘arrogant and bigheaded’.

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