Beautiful Naija actress reveals why she divorced her hubby

Top Nollywood actress Ini Edo has finally opened up about what caused her six-year marriage to crumble.

Edo married American-based businessman Philip Ehiagwina in 2008 and the couple held two lavish ceremonies in Nigeria and America.

Sadly, cracks started to form in the relationship and many people blamed the beautiful actress for the rift saying that she should have relocated to the U.S. to be with her husband.


Speaking on Rubbin Minds, Edo admitted that distance may have played a part in their split.

“Distance may have played a part in the demise of our union. Being together helps couples understand each other, so maybe things would have been better if we were together,” said Edo.

The actress, who is a United Nations-Habitat Youth Ambassador, said that her and husband were incompatible. Though she declined to shed light on the issues that that they disagreed on, she said that the two had irreconcilable differences.

Career Vs Family

Nigerians, many of whom espouse traditional family values, blamed Edo for prioritizing her career at the expense of her marriage.

The actress rubbished these claims saying, “I got married early because I wanted to start a family, so no one should say that I chose career over family.”

The actress went further to state that contrary to rumours doing rounds online, her ex-husband did not have issues with her acting career.

“He met me as an actor, and so I don’t think had a problem with it. I tried my best to keep my roles decent once we got married,” asserted the Eddo.

With numerous high profile Nollywood marriages breaking up, many have asked whether the industry is hostile to marriages.

Edo explained that being a public personality is both a blessing and a curse. The notoriety attracts people, but often they have a warped perception of the celebrities.

“This job really does affect our relationships. Most of the time, we (celebrities) attract the wrong people. They come to you for all the wrong reasons. When people come to you because of what they see on TV, it’s hard for them to accept you as a person,”

Edo 2

So does Edo regret her marriage to Ehiagwina?

“I try not to regret my actions, so I’d say it’s been an experience that I have learned a lot from. It has made me a stronger and wiser person. It has made me more mature. So do I regret my marriage? No. I’ve learned my lessons,” revealed Edo.

The actress further revealed that she doesn’t see herself getting married soon as she would like to focus on her acting career. Ini Edo has featured in over 200 Nollywood films, many of which have been aired in Kenya and other African countries.

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